The sports are mainly divided in two categories: Endurance sports and Interval / Team sports

Endurance sport requires sustained intense power output over relatively long periods of time. Trainings are often long and intense and require a high-calorie diet. Many athletes find it difficult to consume the vast amounts of food necessary to meet their energy needs. In addition, the intense daily training sessions mean that recovery is of paramount importance and maintaining a high carbohydrate intake is essential.

Interval and team sports are mostly interval based. Sports such as rugby, soccer and hockey, tennis, squash etc. feature repeated high intensity sprints against a background of continuous lower intensity activity. However, training involves a range of different activities from running and circuit training to improve aerobic fitness to weight training for muscular strength and power, alongside skill and technique sessions. The demands on the body's carbohydrate (glycogen) stores are great and a high carbohydrate diet is essential to maintain energy levels. Also make sure you start well hydrated, so drink enough during the day prior to the exercise.