Our range of product cover all your needs! Energy, Recovery, Carbohydrates, Bars, Gels, Creatine, Hydratation and much more!

Athletes are always seeking new ways to improve their performance. Nutrition plays a very important role and the Maxim range is made to suit these needs.

Nutrition plays a very important role especially the carbohydrates in nutrition. Carbohydrates supply the muscles with energy. You need about 60% carbohydrates in your daily food and fluid intake. Carbohydrates are used immediately as fuel (e.g. during exercise) or are stored as glycogen in the muscles as fuel for later. An increased intake of carbohydrates will enhance your performance considerably.

Maxim sports products will deliver you the right type and right quantity of carbohydrates at the right moment. Maxim has a total range of sports products for use before, during and after exercise.