Endurance sports

Maxim Energy Mix is a high quality carbohydrate powder. It is high in carbohydrates (96%) and is a practical means of boosting carbohydrate intake without increasing the bulk of the diet. Taken as a drink or mixed with food before training or on a daily basis it will Maximize your energy store (glycogen) in your muscles. Maxim Energy Bars, packed with carbohydrates, also make an ideal snack for boosting energy levels during long, hard training sessions or at any time of day. Athletes training in several high intensity training sessions a day or in hot and humid environment, will lose significant amounts of fluid as sweat. Fluid replacement is critical to prevent dehydration. Used during and immediately after exercise, Maxim Energy Drink replaces fluid and electrolytes to restore fluid balance rapidly. It also provides a source of complex carbohydrates to fuel the muscles during activity. Prevent energy fade and a depletion of the muscle glycogen after some time of intensive exercise by consuming fast carbohydrates (Energy Gel) for continuous and optimal performance.

After training and competition your energy stores has significantly decreased. Maxim Recovery Bars and Drinks provide a fast and full recovery of the energy store. Many athletes find that they experience less muscle soreness after hard exercise. The recovery time between training sessions is also shortened, when they use recovery products.